About us

How did it all begin?

Paralaw and Solicitors Law Firm has grown at an incredible rate since we began in 1991 with just 5 members of staff!  Since then we have worked hard to fiercely maintain our independence and are now one of the largest legal firms practising in the New York region.


Why choose Paralaw and Solicitors Law Firm?

Obviously ability, client service and fast response times are key in any professional law firm, but we are a rarity.

Not only do our clients value the confidence and peace of mind we deliver thanks to our excellent customer service, they regularly tell us our people are a joy to deal with.

Whether it's a routine transaction or a multi-million pound deal, we ensure we select the right lawyer or the most appropriate team to work on each individual case to achieve the best result.

We are confident our wide ranging expertise is a match for any rival city-based firms, yet we can deliver our services in a more approachable and cost-effective way that they will struggle to equal.

So why are we so different?

Thanks to our pioneering methods and ground-breaking style, we've won awards for being at the forefront of our field: we've even won an award for technology and innovation – how often do you read those words describing a firm of solicitors?

We have created inventive services to tackle the challenges of today's world of business including our ALPHA programme, and we've introduced a "fixed fees" system even in complex and unpredictable cases.

Our international connections mean we can call on a network of professionals right across the world, so wherever you need our help we're on your team.

Standing out from the crowd

Paralaw and Solicitors Law Firm are recognised as a strong and dynamic force in the legal world, and our independence, our people and the way we do things are all far from the more traditional approach.

Even the images you see on this website are real people from our real team – you see? That's why we believe we're "reassuringly different".